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bmw 3.0 csl info vinÓ+pics?

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Topic: bmw 3.0 csl info vinÓ+pics?
Posted By: romacsl3.0
Subject: bmw 3.0 csl info vinÓ+pics?
Date Posted: 24-November-2010 at 05:54
hi guys,

are the first experience in this forum, but I write often on an international forum on e9 and Italian club where I am a member.

city of Rome are in life and work as a lawyer, I'm 40 years old and happily in love with my lady ... so a person is normal, but with great disease for bmw 3.0 csl: -)

I am a passionate owner of two bmw e9 csl.

one is .. I always had my grandfather!

1973 and is the fjord.

the other is from England taiga 1973.

this is now a total restoration.

I write to you friends on the forum asking for your help and cooperation.

4 years do hunter's vin # number csl!
I have in my computer and photos of vin # 245 bmw csl!

I would like to increase my list of wine's #!

I have many photographs of 3000csl bmw right hand drive and with British license plates,

I also have their license plate numbers, but I can not give them a vin #

can you help me??

I do not want to know these people are the property of csl!!

I'm interested to have only the photographs and the chassis number!

I do not care about anything else!

I am available to you with all my knowledge and I can help you to get to know other csl ..

I also own 150 newspapers articles csl ...

I will be grateful to help those of you asking me for help!

my mail is open to everyone and if you help or picture for me I'm happy
here is the list of CSL I do not know which number vin #

or only know the name of proprierario, but I have no photos and do not have vin #---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
-BWP 497 M on yellow csl

-MMU 98 L on colorado csl

-MUU 353 L

-NRK 22 L on fjord csl

-SOL 911 M

-PKE 94 L

-NYU 401 L

-bmw884 white csl on silverstone 2005 meeting's csl's

-THW 114 M on csl taiga on silverstone 2005 meeting's csl

-RLK 58 L on white csl

-AE 99 44 on csl polaris in silverstone 2005 meeting's(Gus Van Riessen ????)

-VVS 983 L on yellow csl

-NYH 160 L on csl test for EUROPE 1973
aspect of your kind responses.
best regards

here's the list.

-2275145 mr.georg bleffgen

-2275244 mr.hans buchner

-2275425 mr.paul kusche

-2275154 mr.peter muller

-2275189 mr. rolf rothenhausler

-2275429 mr.wolfgang schnepel

-2275043 mr.geerard.j.schoonhoven van

-2275110 ??

-2275165 mr. togel

-2275003 mr. jean tods

-2275119 ??

-2275282 mr.willi zimber

-2275315 mr,willi zimber

-2275434 mr. wolker wache

-2275295 mr. wolker wache

-2275311 ???

-2211093 mr. gunter wutke

-2211386 mr.rolf schmindt

-2211541 mr.peter lange

-2211734 mr.alexander gloser

-2212176 mr.cary-joachim zulauf

-2212133 mr.peter schwinn

-2212767 mr.manfred verkuhlen

-4355003 mr.mackenstandt

-4355004 mr.alex stumpf

-4355019 mr.jorg resch

-4355024 mr.harald kokott

4355038 mr. asam nikolaus

-4355045 mr alex streicher

-4355050 mr. dieter husemann

-4355055 gerd-peter dettmann

best regards

-YVW 101 L on white csl (u.s)

-UPM 12 M on inka csl book

-NUC 20 L on inka csl english brochure

Posted By: romacsl3.0
Date Posted: 24-November-2010 at 05:59
excuse my English, but I have a translator!

Posted By: Rhys
Date Posted: 25-November-2010 at 21:08
Welcome to the forum..
Originally posted by romacsl3.0 romacsl3.0 wrote:

excuse my English, but I have a translator!

No worries, no one speaks English worse then the English 

Posted By: romacsl3.0
Date Posted: 26-November-2010 at 06:08

Posted By: romacsl3.0
Date Posted: 18-August-2011 at 02:56
hi guys

any news for my vin#???

best regards

Posted By: Daddywad
Date Posted: 08-November-2011 at 22:34

you can add my CSL to your register if you wish;

verona red, 1973,
vin 2285124
UK based



Posted By: romacsl3.0
Date Posted: 10-November-2011 at 13:03
hi Mark,

very very tannks!!

please send me any pics of your verona red!!!

my mail

best regard

gianni loffredo

Posted By: sharknose7
Date Posted: 06-February-2015 at 23:27

Another csl to add to your list is mine.

Vin #2285471 Taiga Green Reg 40BMW.

No pics at the moment as still having nut and bolt restoration.


1973 3.0csi golf yellow
1976 3.3Lia granitrot
1978 633csi Hallmark Amazon Green Metallic.
1982 735ise Opal Green

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